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My Works

"Pawns" Buy it for Kindle Paperback available, too.
Set in San Francisco at the end of World War II, a group of gadabouts and gadflys get hooked into an investment of the A-Bomb. Conflicted by the main character of San Francisco or "The City" with clashing ethnic excentricities, it's Pap with several sultry love stories. One investigative reporter as detective chases his story, and his pair of actual detective girlfriends provide sultry characters who weave parallel to him inside the underground, high society of the 1940's in a Chinese Gambling Parlor. It reads with a Jack Webb and Dashiell Hamett tone that holds color and detail through an historic adventure. What in this novel are two actual facts amid fiction from a San Francisco author that makes for a puzzle as significant as any part and period of history itself? Pride and ethnic excentricity.

In IT'S THE OPIUM, the first of two, a fictionalized opium society set in the period just before the US entered into War in Vietman and Paris was being ravenged by Arab terrorists, an opium smoking American investing in the Paris Bourse, Jake Spake unwittingly becomes involved in this political debaucle. Jake meets a young French beauty, Marie-Louise on the street just when his opium dealer is almost blown up by an Arab terrorist. Without any second thought about rescuing her, Jake takes Marie-Louise back to his pensoine and as his lust is gratified he slowly falls in love with her. Marie-Louise as a homeless Parisianne ends up his savior in a twist like "MAN WITH A GOLDEN ARM."

In the sequal, IT'S THE DREAM, Jake comes back with Marie-Louise and they barely escape arrest in this Police drama, opium society bust.

Based on never before released Pentagon policy papers on our US military/political position in Vietnam, the first screenplay won me a Squaw Valley Writers' Conference Scholarship.

Carmel Voice LEAD STORY January 2007
(Carmel, January 2007) In November 2006, the Iraq democratic government secured a UN mandate #1723 to retain the MNF (Multi National Forces) in their country and help recovery from the overthrow of their previous government.
According to the NSA (National Security Agency) Public Affairs office in Washington D.C. at the White House, there is no known reason why the executive office in the White House did not make this clear. Within the Security Council United Nations resolution it was disclosed that their financial recovery, including the debt to the MNF would be facilitated by a "Compact" of economists and finance leadership that had the interests of Iraq economic stability as priority. According to the UN Security Council mandate, the compact is charged with portioning repayment to the MNF, but to answer the Iraqi appeal for help that MNF continues to attempt to control the violence.
The war is definitively over, won by the objective to overthrow a corrupt and aggressively provocative inhumane government dictatorship that supported terrorism against the West, and replaced by a liberated government of democratic principles.
Sources of violence now begin with renegade Sunni supporters who wish to defend their rights under Saddam Hussein, who are answered by Shia groups so splintered in their affiliations, in their disinheritance of the law, says the Iraq Study Group report that it looks like Tony Soprano cut loose in Iraq.
The first of the UN Security Council mandates that placed the MNF into Iraq was Resolution 1546 in November 2004. The latest Resolution 1723 includes an economic settlement, which was voted into place November 8, 2006, a month and a day before the Iraq Study Group Report was released, Without a victory, these powers could not be recognized as in control or under legitimate mandate by the body of the United Nations.
Our Executive Branch, NSA (National Security Agency) Public Affairs office reports that these facts are not made public in open press release, because the White House ‘just hasn't got it together [yet]' said the NSA press relations official.
The President, Mr. Bush said himself in one televised speech that he will only approve what the Iraq government does "under [his] control."
Television interviews with James Baker and Lee Hamilton were not inclusive of the reports on UN Security Council Resolutions at the time of their statements that a determination for ‘winning or losing of the war cannot be determined.'
Under US Admiralty Codes, . . . discovering a country in disorder gives authority for military attack to restore order to that government. Order restored with a government in place, the war is over.
Clearly, if the objective to overthrow a terrorist oriented, despotic dictatorship; and place a liberated Democracy was the reason for the declaration of war supported by Congress, the war has been won.
Now, the process of military engagement is consistent with a Presidential Conflagration, with all but the rescinding of the War Powers Act, according to the Constitution of the United States. The mechanics of our government calls for an act of Congress to end the war. Already, we accepted the invitation to ‘mop up' in Iraq and it could continue more as a Presidential Conflagration, but with a plan by Congress instead of under Executive Branch control.
Unlike the White House that has yet to figure out that a recall of the military in place gives this sectarian violence over to the responsibility of the government in power. That clearly shows Iraqi violence is not a civil war, so Congress can lay out a plan that will give over control of Iraq to the new democratic government, as suggested in the bi-partisan Iraq Study Group Report.
All sectarian influences are represented in the Iraq Council, legitimate democratic government that is currently in place, another demonstration that it is definitively not a civil war. This militia influenced Iraqi violence is no more a civil war than the Organized Crime activity in the1930's, Chicago after the lifting of prohibition, shown in the Iraqi interviews by former Secretary Baker.
Remarks included in the Iraq Study Group Report cite so often that this is a free-for-all civil violence, and invitation for foreign mercenaries as organized crime; which are not a matter of international security but the security of a self governing state. Germany after World War II was almost no different as discovered by FBI interrogations of De Cavalcante, Vastola, and Annunziata on European Mafia activities of the time. The Yakusa in Japan was successful after Victory in Japan, harnessed by intelligence alliance with Yakusa leader Yoshio Kodama. Under partyt title of Ultranationalists, Kodama even held a cabinet post and later tried to form an alliance with all Yakusa as Japan rebuilding continued under allies' supervision.
The end of those wars came by referendum under men of more intelligence and better trained than what we apparently have available today. Winston Churchill with unusual organizational skills is unique, as was the economic minded General MacArthur. Senator Biden, the Iraq Study Group, former Secretary William Powell, and President Bill Clinton all continue to suggest pursuit of an all encompassing diplomatic union as a necessary political finale.
Though Iraqi political officials are not skilled in democratic processes, their responsibility is mandatory. With dissent by political factions within the elected body of the current Iraqi government, many expressed disapproval over the MNF involvement in training their own security forces. Therefore, along with UN Security Council Resolutions, the Iraq Council has begun debate over facts of military engagement that show the war is over. The mercenary fighting and organized crime activity is their problem that they are willing to assume for themselves. Paradoxically, they renewed their appeal to keep the military forces in place.
Finally, a diplomatic team disassociated from the specifics of strategic profiteering as called for by the bi-partisan Iraq Study Group to pull together a conference within the provisions of the International Association of Conference Interpreters from Geneva. The American continuing involvement in Iraq is an act of caring, as put forword by Iraq Study Group member Leon Panetta, as much as compliance with the UN Security Council mandate. Even under US Admiralty Code, that's the law.
# # #

We Won, You Over
My doctoral dissertation preface was used for the Vietnam, Paris Peace Accords by our Secretary of State, Dr. Henry Kissenger. It was first published with the policy position, and tactical strategy to end the war in Vietnam as an espionage report. This paper is in the Pentagon Library titled: "The Overs" "We Won, You Over" (coded) by Stephen G. Shapiro
I wrote the Paris Peace accord based on two factors. The first being knowledge from returning troops that the Vietnamese were paying 23 to one for American dollars, which meant they were not communists. The second factor was based on the GUICT (Geneva Union of International Conferencce Interpretors) that declared in thair rules: An Interpretor mus first know the design of the table.
It was President of France, Charles DeGualle who said, "The last people on earth to be considered communists are the Vietnamese"
These people could find a way to charge persons in a profit motive that no other peoples could discover. They had ways of making money that often crossed the line into the graft of corruption.
It's the second factor, which actually turned the tide to Peace and an end to the war itself.
To ask, as Dr. Henry Kissinger had continually done, "Please have your administration present to our administration the papers to begin negotiations toward an end of the war and Peace in Southeast Asia."
This was dry, over the heads and minds of these mostly primitive people, and had the sembelance of arrogance. The latter as seen by the responding Vietnamese administration.
Therefore, what I proposed was to ask them to "Help design the peace table, in accord with the Geneva Union of International Conference Interpretators, for these talks should be conducted in a mutually foreign language, and that French was a livinglanguage legislated to retain understandings in words that would not change."
The idea to help design the Peace table, would bring abut an admition of the consent toward peace.
The seriousness of the design was to resemble two curved swords aginst which both sided would belly up to in a mutually percieved line-on-the-line intent on agreement.
Additionally, the view of such a table from above would resemble the Oriental, Asian pentagram for "life."
It was accepted.
The word d'tent, or finger off the trigger, was my inspiration to offer an understanding in a single word.
Rather than having a treaty, which would denote a law under which enforcement would pepetuate conflict, an understanding of parallel thought would be called an accord.
This was my doctoral dissertation: When two people or entities see the same thing at the same time, you have an accord.
A non conclusive conclusion, for I was writing on an art form, film; and using the principles of theatre, Shakespear who wrote "The world is a stage, and the people merely players." I was able to conceive a conclusive understanding without pragmatism and avoid compromise. Parafractorate Thinking, or the Value of Parallel Thought. An Accord would stand on the honor of its own merit.
The merits were four in number, with two political.
The Introduction said: We surrender your land to you, not withstanding life, liberty, and the pursuit of life not death as an end goal, objective for the humanity of all people.
Second of importance, without the necessary consideration for political inclusion was to offer to pay reparations through the portals of Free World Economy, based on the exchange of goods and services; and to agree to use the US Dollar as the base support of the Vietnamese economy.
Now, how could anyone believe this was not a victory over communism?
The next two, the political elements that were interjected as number one and two, were to allow us to sift through the sands, and uncover the bones of contention, recover the MIA and POW unitl every grain of sand and bones in the country were identifies. And, if at any time it was discovered that one particle would endanger life within the country of Vietnam, we would reserve the right to reconstitute the very molular structure of that land.
We reserved the right to drop an atomic bomb on them.
When the Nobel Prize Foundation announced the prize would go to the Vietnamese person, I read that the intellectual concept to end the war was not that of our Secretary of State, for it was mine.
I wrote a letter based on my review of my own candacy by the Swedish Consulate who know it was my ideological conclusion and offered Dr. Kissinger the recognition that won him the prize.
While the ideological was mine, it was owing to our government of a representative democracy to freely give our ideas to the leadership, and in the case for Dr. Kissinger that he took my idea through harm's way and successfully represented my ideas and as well our President Richard Nixon used my tatical strategy.
The tatic was based on the understanding that Vietnam had respected every truce, holidays, birthdays, honorable days of feast or respects for famine; and we rspected thiers, too.
So, if we would both accept 40 days and 40 nights as was advised by Jesus Christ and Budda to cleanse our selves and our souls; that on the 25th of January when the moon passed all doubt of cusps it would be declared as a previously known day of absolutely no significance the day the war would stop; or not.
It did.

The Benefit
Based on a San Francisco robbery during a society benefit, this adventure twists and turns through social and criminal intrigue. Moving from 'the City by the bay' across the Pacific Rim on the high seas, no one can tell who might profit from this crime until the very end.

"Monterey - Unique Views"
In discovery of the patrons of land development from exploration to settlement, the best characterization for our founding fathers is that they were 'punks.'

Up to and including the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, policies and implimentation of these policies shows a post conflict resolution on how to deal with land use after military occupation. The template for the world seems to show best in this historn on Monterey.

For the pedestrian, this book with accompanying photography is compiled with a dissertation that simply justify unique, large format landscape views.

Not just a local best seller, but a text on urban development and history of the beginning of an artists' community.

"Carmel - A Timeless Place"
After some three years, a collection of photographs with text allows the reader to enter into the community of an American Village. Called by architecht Guystov Stickley, an Arts and Crafts habitat is one with hand hewn details that provide for a loving family to continue their appreciation of family living. This book is meant to express just that about Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. It has been on the local Best Seller list since publication in 1998.

In Living Color is one of 160+ pictures proposed to be published with E.W.'s 40 Peppers. The difference between his and mine, is that my pictures are A L L ONE P E P P E R.

Photographic techniques
Photographica World 1998.


The Print vs The Image. This makes the case my friend Ansel Adams used to make. The difference between an 'image' and a 'print' makes the picture a hand crafted item rather than simplY something to view.

"Fiction based on fact can be as much about the fact as the entertainment." -- Zen Monk in Carmel

From a quest to find out about scandalous Real Estate development, 1945 San Francisco newspaper reporter Don Day discovers what goes around beyond ethnic excentricity as called the Manhattan Project.

Many people in San Francisco thought of the worst possible scenario that could befall The City was Manhattanization in 1945. What no one knew, was the ramifications of seeking investment for the Manhattan Project during this period for fear of skyscraper development, from those economic powers inside of The City.

Yolande et Alvine
"Here is a story of passion everyone can look to for joy and pleasure." Carol Eaden

Young man Alvine meets the love of his life as a graduated High School student in up-scale Pebble Beach, California. Her family aim for her to have an education, sequesters her while Alvine broadens his scope on life in the world of an art dealer. Their misunderstood passions are realized in a suprise ending of pure poetry, passion, and sensious submission.

Selected Works

Novel of historical fiction, sultry Pap crime drama
They said the Rosenberg arrest and exicution for treason was an anti-semetic act; but the fact is that it was a Jewish man who turned them in. Now available for Kindle at Amazon. Buy it off, the Barnes and Nobel web site and soon in bookstores.
A two picture project set on location in Paris, France circa 1963.
Action Adventure and Social Intrigue
Journalism meets Political Policy
Whinning, Winning, Won Iraq
Political Policy
The Paris Peace Accords
History, Political Policy
A portion of California History, the history of Monterey, California land policy
History, Urban Development, Architecture, and Travel. Mostly a picture book, with a brief history of the urban development of an Artist Community
Photography writing
SAMPLES in Photographica World
Thriller: up for publication
"A story that had to be told, disgusied as fiction." Mrs. Wally Cox, Ben Hecht protogee
Romantic Passion on Young Love, work in progress; novel from screenplay
"Best writing on retribution." Patricia Tiernan

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