The key to ending the war in Vietnam was found in the Geneva Union for International Conference Interpreters rules.

We Won, You Over

No one could stop it. Few would tell the truth. The answer was actually simple once it was seen that both sides wanted it to stop.

Though, one privateer research observer started with the main piece to that puzzle. They observed that both sides observed truce during each sides' religious holdiays without violation. From that, came the strategy to stop the war.

What one spy saw, that which is a spy is an intelligence official, and what they say was that the enemy held faith in respect. They respected their opponents' faith. This respect was shown to the point of cease fire without exceptions. Not once, but upon every relegious holiday.

First the Christian holidays, then the Buddhist holidays were recognized for a reason to stop fighting with unconditional dedication. Soon it became obvious to this one spy that gathered together all these cease fires, and the insight to the end of the war in Viet Nam was inevetable. Faith that there could become a mutual acceptance for Peace was within the intelligence of this one spy.

The next key point was that the North Vietnamese wanted our U.S. Dollars. For a porported comunist country, this was key.

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