This page is intended to list upcoming events -- appearances, a new publication, whatever.

All these sorts of things in which I am an active participant that you may be interested in, as well.


Coming up is the Carmel Film Festival. For information, stay tuned.

Several times a year, I go about to sign books. As the times approach, those dates and locations will be announced.

There are times in the year, special seasons when photography is opportune to capture, entertain, and instruct by experiences through pictures. I offer workshops on these occasions, or by request.

Selected Works

Novel of historical fiction, sultry Pap crime drama
They said the Rosenberg arrest and exicution for treason was an anti-semetic act; but the fact is that it was a Jewish man who turned them in. Now available for Kindle at Amazon. Buy it off, the Barnes and Nobel web site and soon in bookstores.
A two picture project set on location in Paris, France circa 1963.
Action Adventure and Social Intrigue
Journalism meets Political Policy
Whinning, Winning, Won Iraq
Political Policy
The Paris Peace Accords
History, Political Policy
A portion of California History, the history of Monterey, California land policy
History, Urban Development, Architecture, and Travel. Mostly a picture book, with a brief history of the urban development of an Artist Community
Photography writing
SAMPLES in Photographica World
Thriller: up for publication
"A story that had to be told, disgusied as fiction." Mrs. Wally Cox, Ben Hecht protogee
Romantic Passion on Young Love, work in progress; novel from screenplay
"Best writing on retribution." Patricia Tiernan

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