POLITICS: I cannot intend to change your opinion, but only ask that you take into consideration my own. Today it seems the task at hand is to involve the youth in the process of civic concern.

Politics is networking.

HISTORY: An historian begins with a subject, and the end of that subject. In the process, the discovery may take them far and beyond the matter of investigation, but . . . that's the fun of writing history.

MOVIES: "Most movies are Shit!" Dr. Segal's statement shocked me, while I whole heartedly agreed. I like to write movies with something of substance, and often with a few facts.

In my 40 years of screenwriting and film making experience, I accept the fact that studio productions and release are based on marketing evaluations. Less on the validity of substance they spend tens and hundreds of millions of US dollars, but the value of this money spent commands demographic acceptance.

I go to see all kinds of movies.

FICTION: In the world of human interaction, we often surmise what's gone on and what's going on. That's all entertaining, which I both find rewarding and offer in fiction as my own objective.


Not Married. Very Married

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Sorry I was harsh. I just feared for the both of you. Weather you believe that or not. Hallie Press

Your both idiots. Give up before you both drown. Or catch the P.O.S on fire again. I know it relent itself. Sure Bob didn't leave it lit, he dies that often. Hallie Press

I'm sure you do have pompous asses. Robin Knox-Johnston was the first single -handed sailor to circumnavigate the globe so he may know a thing or two about sailing. If you want to rescue Mr Shapiro feel free if he ever makes it back. But as you have completely missed the point let me explain that MrShapiro and his companion's incompetence place our emergency service personnel at unnecessary risk. The rescue teams will always be there but Mr Shapiro has behaved like an arrogant nob with an over evolved sense of entitlement !


On behalf of Cal Sailing Club, I'd like to welcome you as a member. We don't have any 40' wooden boats you can call your own, just a place to sail and windsurf, with a rescue skiff standing by that will come get you when stuff breaks. We also have asses as pompous as Robin KnockedJohnson, but we don't pay them much mind.

Stella the Treasure

Just watched the interview on British news where your boat starts to list. The interviewer suggested that you were putting rescuers' lives at risk. You said 'No'. You said that is risky walking out the door.
You arrogant tosser! Bugger off back to US and see how pleased US Coastguard will be to rescue you!

Oh by the way in your biography, you need to correct numerous spelling mistakes. It's monasteries. Signet ring. Fascinated and fascination. I thought you are a writer ??

2 typos. Missed 'out' and ' armed forces' Not easy to type on a phone. Mike Limey

As Sir Robin Knox -Johnston said that you should 'keep the hell of our waters', your uninformed response was to remind him of history and the fact that the US won the war .
I would remind you of history. When did the US enter WW2? December 1941. UK September 1939. Who contributed 2/3 of material to WW2 ? UK. Who contributed overwhelming majority of naval forces to D Day? UK. Who fought alone in1940? UK. Although US was a major partner in the Allies all the brave arm services of all countries should be remembered. Don't forget USSR alone on Eastern Front. Remember them?I suppose that you can't help it as US media forgets that there is a world outside US. Try not to get indignant and your facts correct before calling our emergency services. You are endangering lives of rescue service personnel across Europe for your own selfish idiotic trip. Give up. Just take the advice of a vastly more experienced yachtsman before somebody dies. Thank you. Mike, a well informed Limey!

Bingo! Exactly where I am with my non-husband. I'm commited to him for life, 'lui, et nul autre'. However, he proposed last summer and wants us to be legally married this year. I agreed. Why should I object, if it brings him happiness? Ijust don't think it's necessary.

Yeah, like litterally and not legally. Separated Siamese twins, right. Joe Cool

What's interesting in Presidential election politics this year seems that the incombent administration shows a ruling classs stability and confidence.
It seems Obama is a seure second term president, as this is the first year in my life that the stock market has remained solid with little fluxuation during the campaign months.
When oil prices go up during presidentil election months, the indication demonstrates a Republican denunciation of the incumbent; but the stock market stays even as a show of general confidence with the incumbent.
Remember: The stock market is a display of confidence in the capitalist system.

After 25 plus years as girlfriend, boyfriend we are looked upon as married, but legally we're not.
One of the glamour girls I meet in the business asked me to sneak away with them, and I said I was very married. She wondered what that meant.
I live with this person who reminds me what I need and what I have to do each day. As a writer, she edits my writing and taught me not to repeat any words.
There are things in my routine that move my life forward, only because I do those things for her.
As a retired movie star, I call her a professional spoiled person.
Very part of me. I'm married to her, but I'm not. Really.

Numismatists -- Coin Collectors

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Defined in the Oxford Dictionary, numismatics is the practice of examining coins as art, history and anthropology. I wish to add 'economics.' For understanding the difference between finance and economics is creating a tangle in governments, globally.

Clarity by understanding finance supports commerce, and commerce supports economics is found in the study of the 'num' or [Latin for] coin. To create an understanding as a sort of side door to learning economics, it goes to William Tyre, I think. Or maybe the consolidation of the coins of the British Empire in 1707, not too different than the consolidation of the European currency as . . . Euros.

My mother thought the children should learn about the Stock Market in schools. After all, the stock markets represent a faith in the Capitalist system.

In the more recent days, since the death of my mother, a burst in my facination with history has awakened in me a passion for the dry subject of economics in foreign relations. As an historian and a boyhood coin collector, it came across my desk that more and more companies selling gold also traded in coins. US coins of the highest value have three qualities that make them equitable. First is the metal. Gold and silver coins have always been traded for the weight and value of the metal. Then, times pass and the historic traces are shown on the art work front and back, or obverse and reverse of the metal piece: the coin.

Finally, the fewer coins available makes their history more interesting also this rariety makes them more valuable. Interesting enough, the most value traded coins in this 21st Century are the copper coins of our Colonial History, these they call 'Colonials.'

This history of colonial coins is as facinating as back fence gossip. The one instance is the first colonial half penny and penny; the Woods Hibernia coin. A coin made by a Brit for Ireland, who rejected it and they sent it over to the Colonies for use here. The rights to make this coin, by Woods, was won from the King's mistress.

Like I wrote above, the numismatic history of our US coinage reads like over the back yard fence gossip.

I'm having fun with it and building some equity, too. This courage of knowledge has given me aid in my writing and understanding the framework for decision making: policy.

More to come.

Personal concerns are what compels us all. What are our most influencing concerns, begins with the youth today.

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I like your opinions, artistry and your sharing. Keep it coming - - - Ms. Terry N.

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You seem really loose and irresponsible with a whole lot of narcissism mixed in. I've never seen anyone before list being a political rebel over high school sew-on letters as part of their credentials. Maybe some medication would help.

Do I assume that, because "it's the internet", you don't feel that correct spelling is of any importance?

Charlie Bakewell

Not too bad for a sell-out race baiter.

hi u have an interesting web pg. can u tell us about your life and photo collections. do u have any hobbies or a girl maybe. Sonder McGrafty. Seaside.

I like your site, I've been doing alot of research on you and I was wondering if there was a website honoring you. Now, I've found it. Thanks Steve, I'm very fond of your work. Best Wishes- Travis McLaurin-

Hello Steve, thank you for sharing the link with me. I enjoyed your website. Goran Cuprija, Serbia

Your website has substance plus it's well designed and looks smart. Well done, congrats! Mihailo from Belgrade, Serbia

I think that your website is fantastic! Barbara from Rome, Italy

I like it very much!
-- Susie from Idaho

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