Carmel Voice LEAD STORY January 2007

(Carmel, January 2007) In November 2006, the Iraq democratic government secured a UN mandate #1723 to retain the MNF (Multi National Forces) in their country and help recovery from the overthrow of their previous government.
According to the NSA (National Security Agency) Public Affairs office in Washington D.C. at the White House, there is no known reason why the executive office in the White House did not make this clear. Within the Security Council United Nations resolution it was disclosed that their financial recovery, including the debt to the MNF would be facilitated by a "Compact" of economists and finance leadership that had the interests of Iraq economic stability as priority. According to the UN Security Council mandate, the compact is charged with portioning repayment to the MNF, but to answer the Iraqi appeal for help that MNF continues to attempt to control the violence.
The war is definitively over, won by the objective to overthrow a corrupt and aggressively provocative inhumane government dictatorship that supported terrorism against the West, and replaced by a liberated government of democratic principles.
Sources of violence now begin with renegade Sunni supporters who wish to defend their rights under Saddam Hussein, who are answered by Shia groups so splintered in their affiliations, in their disinheritance of the law, says the Iraq Study Group report that it looks like Tony Soprano cut loose in Iraq.
The first of the UN Security Council mandates that placed the MNF into Iraq was Resolution 1546 in November 2004. The latest Resolution 1723 includes an economic settlement, which was voted into place November 8, 2006, a month and a day before the Iraq Study Group Report was released, Without a victory, these powers could not be recognized as in control or under legitimate mandate by the body of the United Nations.
Our Executive Branch, NSA (National Security Agency) Public Affairs office reports that these facts are not made public in open press release, because the White House ‘just hasn't got it together [yet]' said the NSA press relations official.
The President, Mr. Bush said himself in one televised speech that he will only approve what the Iraq government does "under [his] control."
Television interviews with James Baker and Lee Hamilton were not inclusive of the reports on UN Security Council Resolutions at the time of their statements that a determination for ‘winning or losing of the war cannot be determined.'
Under US Admiralty Codes, . . . discovering a country in disorder gives authority for military attack to restore order to that government. Order restored with a government in place, the war is over.
Clearly, if the objective to overthrow a terrorist oriented, despotic dictatorship; and place a liberated Democracy was the reason for the declaration of war supported by Congress, the war has been won.
Now, the process of military engagement is consistent with a Presidential Conflagration, with all but the rescinding of the War Powers Act, according to the Constitution of the United States. The mechanics of our government calls for an act of Congress to end the war. Already, we accepted the invitation to ‘mop up' in Iraq and it could continue more as a Presidential Conflagration, but with a plan by Congress instead of under Executive Branch control.
Unlike the White House that has yet to figure out that a recall of the military in place gives this sectarian violence over to the responsibility of the government in power. That clearly shows Iraqi violence is not a civil war, so Congress can lay out a plan that will give over control of Iraq to the new democratic government, as suggested in the bi-partisan Iraq Study Group Report.
All sectarian influences are represented in the Iraq Council, legitimate democratic government that is currently in place, another demonstration that it is definitively not a civil war. This militia influenced Iraqi violence is no more a civil war than the Organized Crime activity in the1930's, Chicago after the lifting of prohibition, shown in the Iraqi interviews by former Secretary Baker.
Remarks included in the Iraq Study Group Report cite so often that this is a free-for-all civil violence, and invitation for foreign mercenaries as organized crime; which are not a matter of international security but the security of a self governing state. Germany after World War II was almost no different as discovered by FBI interrogations of De Cavalcante, Vastola, and Annunziata on European Mafia activities of the time. The Yakusa in Japan was successful after Victory in Japan, harnessed by intelligence alliance with Yakusa leader Yoshio Kodama. Under partyt title of Ultranationalists, Kodama even held a cabinet post and later tried to form an alliance with all Yakusa as Japan rebuilding continued under allies' supervision.
The end of those wars came by referendum under men of more intelligence and better trained than what we apparently have available today. Winston Churchill with unusual organizational skills is unique, as was the economic minded General MacArthur. Senator Biden, the Iraq Study Group, former Secretary William Powell, and President Bill Clinton all continue to suggest pursuit of an all encompassing diplomatic union as a necessary political finale.
Though Iraqi political officials are not skilled in democratic processes, their responsibility is mandatory. With dissent by political factions within the elected body of the current Iraqi government, many expressed disapproval over the MNF involvement in training their own security forces. Therefore, along with UN Security Council Resolutions, the Iraq Council has begun debate over facts of military engagement that show the war is over. The mercenary fighting and organized crime activity is their problem that they are willing to assume for themselves. Paradoxically, they renewed their appeal to keep the military forces in place.
Finally, a diplomatic team disassociated from the specifics of strategic profiteering as called for by the bi-partisan Iraq Study Group to pull together a conference within the provisions of the International Association of Conference Interpreters from Geneva. The American continuing involvement in Iraq is an act of caring, as put forword by Iraq Study Group member Leon Panetta, as much as compliance with the UN Security Council mandate. Even under US Admiralty Code, that's the law.
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