Eagle Scout with bronze, gold, and silver palms: A Double Eagle

Charter President of the Jr. United Nations
Student Body President, West Hillsborough School, Hillsborough, California

President of the Burlingame High School Mens' Athletic Organization, "Block B" Association; ended hazing and instigated the Owen Lucy clause to allow non affiliated "Block B" athletes to wear the letter.

Four years as President of the YMCA high school afiliated group, Los Lobos.

Four years Professional Ski Patrol and Avalanch Control at Squaw Valley, California and Alta, Utah.

Radio Staff Announcer at KMBY, Monterey; KRML, Carmel (Program Director); and KNRY, Monterey

Freelance journalist affiliated with UPI; and AP -- byline.

San Francisco Press Club member.

Alumni Board of Directors, Monterey Institute of International Studies, Monterey, California

U.S. Navy reserve affiliate in Public Affairs: Journalist

Who's Who; Who's who American Millenium issue; Who's Who in the West; Who's Who Historians; and the British Who's Who in the Arts; and the British Milleniumn Who's Who.


Once it became obvious to me that there were changes in our government and my world, I had to make a suggestion. Or two.

Once one letter to the Queen of England became useful, the suggestion was used, I followed the path of involvement with less and less hesitation.

What finally occurred to me, some twenty years later: I was an adult and participation as such was involvement.

It is my world, my country, my community and if I wanted to live with assurance and comfort, I had to contribute.


In 1964 I became a French Comte after the Roncherolle family, Joel Roncherolle the 4th Prince of Paris and I met.

Joel was a boy when we met in Grenoble, france, he was a man from Rhode Island, USA. I became curious about his signant ring and with the understanding that came about also came a deep competence and understanding for the French aristocracy. He wanted to claim his title as the Prince of Paris and I was his competency, his secretary.

He showed me his book from the monistaries of France. It explained that the Roncherolle family, which means 'rock tool makers' were so old they dated back to the Stone Age.

No way I could compete with that. The facination with the early French aristocracy more and more lead be to understand that their rights were almost exactly the same as our US American liberties. Taking on the French House of Parliament would be a breeze, because he was facinated with my dedication to understand the American Declaration of Independence and philosophy behind almost every word.

His caution evolved around part of the mythology of French titles, they're a claim; and the legonds evolve around one novel about Rocambole. The 'rich man's tale' or the man who claimed a title upon the death of a Comte that was false, as the Comte Rocambole was his military officer who hated him but never let on. So, when the Comte died, our claimer faced everybody who were convinced that the two had a special friendship. The claimer was the Comte's aide de camp.

Even when the Comte de Rocambole went to the widow, his story was accepted and the de Rocambole ended up with the widow and his castle.

Joel was true, however; and I had experiences the Duke respected. For, you see, Joel Roncherole was a Duke. He was the third Duke of Paris, and he wanted better. We would see.

The connection began with a love for our private club in Grenoble, Le Boucherie; and the more learned about each other the closer the tie.

His Grandmother, the Comtesse was charged by the King to keep the book on French aristocracy. Before that, his family were the accountants to the King, Louis XVII.

Louis was approached to finance the Marquee Lafayette while doing his ballet in the garden. Roncherolle was told, 'sure, give him the money.'

So, the savior of our American Colonies by Lafayette, Cadillac, and La Salle the four Admirals who were financed through the throne of Louis XVII was Roncherolle. My Great grandmother's great grandfather fought in that war.

That was our next connection, which lead to my title as the Comte de Roncherole. With the 'de' I changed the spelling to avoid the rocambole; and it gave me an unusual courage that the late Duke would be proud to know.

In the days of wood burnig stoves, fires in the home for heat and light at night, the woods were where citizens could count on fuel. The word for 'woods' is gruyere.

When the Comte and his men ride through the countryside, a spire of smoke calls forth as an invitation to come visit. The Comte would always be welcome and to ensure a return, the decent thing is to bring a gift. A gift of 'the gruyere' would mean wood for the stove, and in return upon departure a fresh portion of the cheese made from the previous visit would be some of the Comte's Deep Cave, gruyere cheese.

We must bare in mind, the Comte didn't visit all too often, so the aged cheese was always the best, the aged gruyere de Comte. And, with a thick slice, a very thick slice of ham, for the hog was the beef cattle of the New World, in the thick of the gruyere in ancient France.

Ah yes, the visits of the Comtes of France in ancient times included a rare treat of those wild eats of the champions of mushrooms, included the flowery and button, rageous veined and flavorable, firm and invigerating. The long nights with wine and cheese and eating outside, eating at another's castle, eating out those lovly champions of the gruyere found amongst the intimacies of the maidens of families that play host. The very gentile Comtes of the day and so many, so many fair maids that one gets to know with the intimacy of the Bible, eating out.

Part of that life in the woods of ancient France have come to the Comte de Roncherolle even in the urban landscape of the Space Age. Yes, now too.

I love to eat out.

(more later, bientot)

What is it to have a sibling when both parents die?
All efforts toward peace amongst the children dissapear. Dissolution of the family hit my own sibling rivalry. Nothing left, when my only sister said, "You're not my friend, you never were my friend, you will not be my friend."
Part of my mother's intent with her investment in the property in California was to provide for a safe haven for her daughter, who lives in Italy and presented what we now believe to be a guise regarding forclosure on her Italian property. She would make no effort to help save the home inherited when our mother left behind the Real Estate under a reverse mortgage ending the obligation at 70% of a now recovering market.
"Think of yourself," sister said. "I do."
What a destructive relationship. And then to learn: IT'S TYPICAL.

My mom died.
She died on a Friday, January 29th at about 8:14 in the morning.
She was born on a Tuesday, July 29th at about 8:14 in the morning.
She died with one eye open.
Kinda makes me wonder.

My goal in writing is to call attention to what I like, what I'd like to say; and have you all become interested, to know something; or not.

Born in 1944 in Bridgeton, New Jersey Steve Shapiro graduated Burlingame High after the family moved to California in the early 1950's. As a college graduate, he moved into Pebble Beach with his family and developed photography as his primary art form from making movies much like Man Ray with whom he exhibited in the 1960's.

A 1969 UCLA graduate student in theater arts, film due to his friend Ansel Adams' recommendation, Shapiro, a thirty year-plus Carmel resident had his first book "Carmel - A Timeless Place" published by Central Coast books in July 1998. A local best seller, it is considered a substantial footnote to the Arts & Crafts architectural movement.

Writing about photography and as a journalist, Shapiro published major works on photographic history especially the argument on the image versus the print in a British Journal, Photographica World to which he regularly contributes. Of the permanent collections that house Shapiro's work from one man shows, the US Navy, Seabee's Museum at Port Hueneme, Calif. have "The Peacetime Navy," and the Smithsonian Institution.

Shapiro's black and white work is straight forward without intended flaw but wrought with experimentation and metaphor; and his color work is interpretative by intent.

"I'm greedy wanting to get all the beautiful pictures, and paradoxically generous to offer it all as understanding; or to confuse with metaphor." One portfolio is Cachets des Lors: "Treasures Only Exist When I Find Them There." His visual statement is, "Look here!"

With history as a minor in the University degree earned, and a book on a history of urban development; and after years of screenwriting and writing short stories and magazine articles Shapiro emerged an author. A writer and photographer, dreams fulfilled that began during toddler years.

My grandfather was a pioneer in the movie game, so I realized opportunity early. His first employer was Howard Hughes and from there having invented sound mixing, my grandfather became my own beacon of theatrical enterprise.

Good experiences in theater, as a pupeteer, promoter of events by age six I was secretly dedicated to showing off. I loved to entertain.

On my serious side, seeking the center of attention and with a sound mind of good ideas; I was unanimously elected the very first President of the Jr. United Nations. Another of my dreams, fulfilled by my own original conception that if children ruled the world for one day, we might have a better place to live. It was a title that gave me courage for lots of political policy writing, and among three top pieces was the Paris Peace Accords with tatical strategy to end the War in Vietnam.

Still active telling stories, with some substance, and a few facts; and making pictures with a still and movie camera I can't stop standing up for what makes us all entertained, unconditional human beings.

Selected Works

Novel of historical fiction, sultry Pap crime drama
They said the Rosenberg arrest and exicution for treason was an anti-semetic act; but the fact is that it was a Jewish man who turned them in. Now available for Kindle at Amazon. Buy it off, the Barnes and Nobel web site and soon in bookstores.
A two picture project set on location in Paris, France circa 1963.
Action Adventure and Social Intrigue
Journalism meets Political Policy
Whinning, Winning, Won Iraq
Political Policy
The Paris Peace Accords
History, Political Policy
A portion of California History, the history of Monterey, California land policy
History, Urban Development, Architecture, and Travel. Mostly a picture book, with a brief history of the urban development of an Artist Community
Photography writing
SAMPLES in Photographica World
Thriller: up for publication
"A story that had to be told, disgusied as fiction." Mrs. Wally Cox, Ben Hecht protogee
Romantic Passion on Young Love, work in progress; novel from screenplay
"Best writing on retribution." Patricia Tiernan

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