The Frontier FIRST HOUSE was where the ladies could change from dusty traveling clothes before going into town after their voyage to the West.

This was where the gentlemen could shine their boots, take a long drink of water and dust their hats, too.

The First House was not a bar, saloon, tourist bureau. The idea began when some frontier ladies east of the Rockie Moutnains offered bisquits to the passing travelers. The First House was rarely the actual first house into town, but in some western towns, like Cheyenne it is. In Monterey, our First House is found way to the back of town, distal to the harbor.

Kind of unique.

The First house visited in Monterey was the Carriage House, in frontier days through 1847.

"Monterey - Unique Views" has become a very important book without loosing any value as entertainment.

It seems I have stumbled upon some policy positions in Monterey history that will shape the Real Estate and Probate court today. Well, isn't that how it works?

We have a prescident system of the law in the US where codes are argued and the arguments become the law, too.

Oh, the cases of prescident can be argued, all is subject to the judge; but in California Real Estate, the law begins with the English Shire system. When David Jacks bought the outstanding 109 square miles of land for only a thousand dollars, as he had bought the Chular Ranch months before for $30,000.00 the purchase of land made for an interesting case.

Since there were no prescidents at that time, only months after statehood, practically; the law fell back to the introduction of this English Shire system introduced thorugh Kentucky that governed all land law in the western frontier.

Since the acqusition of California from Mexico, we have depended on Kentucky case law to support any US Supreme Court case law arguments and have only one statute with no California Case Laws of our own.

That's unique.

"Monterey - Unique Views"

Monterey commercial warf had certainly overcome the stink that plagued the industry at the turn of the century.
Work in progress

Research and picture taking has taken over four years for this important book that began as a simple justification for large format photography. What was discovered during the research seems to add to the necessary realm of understanding post conflict resolution.

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