Ebook now available from Amazon's Kindle bookstore www.amazon.com/dp/B0063GD09X0

After some mental wrestling my first novel has been uploaded for sale on Amazon's website as an ebook for Kindle.
It's Pap. After the mythical author of paperback novels, William Pap, as the myth explains that he said of his books: They're just books to start reading with the intent to get to the ending as fast as possible.
That would be one of perhaps a thousand definitions for PAP reading.
Mine has some historic facts. The story is a mystery with two murders and the revelation of who turned in the Rosenbergs, exicuted for treason by trying to sell the formula for the A-Bomb during World War II.
That part is true.
The characters are based on real people, which could make this a Roman a Clef; and the other murder is a fact within the silent character of the city of San Francisco.
Some readers have said there's too much history. Some have said there's too much sex. Few who have bought it have returned it.
It's only five bucks.
Back to the old paper back writer days. Enjoy it. It's good.

Coffee table photography books. New original theater projects. Books for movie projects. Screenplays. Along with my opinionated newspaper column, and ploitical policy, that's what I do.


My opinion is my opinion. I may throw in a few facts, and quotations that always reflects the things and thoughts IN THE DAY. Nomatter, journalism seems like history in retrospect, but it remains a daily transcript.

Whatever it was, does not ever mean it will not be that way again. In the day, it was often used information; now we look at 'word.'

Photography Tutorials

It was written


Never throw out the poorly printed photographs, for there's always some technique to recover them, and the opportunity to recover that memory would be gone forever.

Finding a significance beyond the subject of what's in the picture makes a metaphor. The skill is to see the picture with a metaphor that would ring true to the most people who might see the picture.

I always thought Edward Weston said it best: "A fine photograph should have a unity and purity from corner to corner and edge to edge, with metaphor."

Then by using light, a great photographer should enrapture and transend space and time with an understanding of personal insight; or not.

Within the rules of space, art using line for attraction, texture for character, and form for exponeration gives some latitude for photography to add perspective as mind bending.


now qualifying with a license and willing to take on a 60 foot schooner with 14 sails in her locker. Arrrre.i bought a Cololin Archer 44 foot gaff cutter. She's a Norwegian rescue boat and rides the water with an attitude.
We crossed the North Sea with -14-20 foot swells. My fear factor was resolved to being cared for by Nora, my 44 foot gaff cutter.

Steve Shapiro

This is where to find out about me as a writer. As the Charter President of the Jr. United Nations, and politically active person my writing includes political policy. Understanding civics will advance us all through the mechanics of government. Subscribe to my newsletter on the NEWSLETTER page.

Whenever I meet someone, they ask about what I'm writing; so I see if I can hold their attention while I tell them. At the point when I win or loose them, I have the idea about where I'm going with my story. For in the end, after all we write for an audience. Although, I do follow my own, individual passions and maybe open the door to a new perception for others.

People want advice about their writing. All too few writers and readers deal with content, but rather how they do it, or how they would like to do it.

Today, the first interesting thing about writing seems to have been overlooked by the many who write. The Society of Editors of the English Language have decided to adapt our English language to the Romanic rule for neutral non specific generalization of gender found in third person plural as singular.

The golden rule is good grammar.

If you don't understand the second paragraph above, you're one of them.

Politics and Journalism

Good journalists leave out the answers, write only the facts. It becomes difficult to stop writing policy, making recommendations, answering questions raised from interviews.

Hard to take, but writing politics has its own solitude.

Wrtiting is all about the paradox. With politics, simplest political paradox: You can see it, but you can't do anything about it.

Writing the novel you can break the rules of grammar, but it must be consistent. I overload my paragraphs with more than one subject, person; but the subject, idea remains on point. So?


In journalism there is a format. Based on Civil War time conflicts between Army Generals and journalists dishing the news.

Get it all out before they cut the telegraph wires.

Now, we get it all out before the sugar rush burns a hole in their heads.

Sound bites.

Selected Works

Novel of historical fiction, sultry Pap crime drama
They said the Rosenberg arrest and exicution for treason was an anti-semetic act; but the fact is that it was a Jewish man who turned them in. Now available for Kindle at Amazon. Buy it off www.createspace.com/3790862, the Barnes and Nobel web site and soon in bookstores.
A two picture project set on location in Paris, France circa 1963.
Action Adventure and Social Intrigue
Journalism meets Political Policy
Whinning, Winning, Won Iraq
Political Policy
The Paris Peace Accords
History, Political Policy
A portion of California History, the history of Monterey, California land policy
History, Urban Development, Architecture, and Travel. Mostly a picture book, with a brief history of the urban development of an Artist Community
Photography writing
SAMPLES in Photographica World
Thriller: up for publication
"A story that had to be told, disgusied as fiction." Mrs. Wally Cox, Ben Hecht protogee
Romantic Passion on Young Love, work in progress; novel from screenplay
"Best writing on retribution." Patricia Tiernan

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